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مترجمی زبان انگلیسی پیام نور شوشتر
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 The Glove 

R. U. Joyce  

James Dunne, the ex-burglar, is now a respectful jeweler in Brampton, who is recognized by a prisoner. The latter keeps blackmailing him to the extent that he is unable to afford it. Feeling desperate, he breaks into Richard Strong’s house, robs his gold ornaments and is forced to kill him for his own safety. Returning home, James finds out that he has left one of his gloves in the murder scene. To find the glove, he goes back to the room where he has killed Mr. Strong with a knife. There, he finds Mr. Strong’s son waiting for him with a gun in his hand. On their way to the police station, he goes to his house to get an overcoat. To his astonishment, he finds the missing glov
e there.

The Doll’s house

Katherine Mansfield

Summary: An outline of the events portrayed in Katherine Mansfield's short story "The Doll's House," a satire about the two different worlds of adults and children and how they are separated from each other. 

Katherine Mansfield's "The Dolls House" seems to be a simple story about children receiving an own ideas and opinions. Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion it is often bizarre to see how our opinions are based on those of others. This essay will outline the events that occurred in the story which are a big part in regards to the two different worlds of adults and children, and how they are separated from each

The Dolls House is a story where you can see the cruelty of children towards each other. This story is centered on the concept of three middle class girls who are given a beautiful doll's house as a present. 

Mrs. Hay has given a doll's house to the Burnell children; it is minutely described, with especial emphasis on a lamp inside of it, which the youngest girl, Kezia, thinks is the best part of the doll house. The next morning they cannot wait to show it off to their school friends; Isabel bossily says she will be the one to decide who is allowed to come and see it in the house as she is the eldest. The Kelveys, two poor girls, Lil and "our" Else, will not be allowed to do so; Aunt Beryl talks Kezia out of letting them. Later, Isabel and two of her friends, Emmie Cole and Lena Logan, taunt the Kelveys about their low social status. Soon afterwards Kezia impulsively decides to show them the house an
yway; Aunt Beryl, worried about an insisting letter from a certain Willie Brent, walks in on them, shoos away the Kelveys, scolds Kezia, then feels better. The Kelveys have managed to see the lamp

Maupassant, Guy de

An Old Man

Monsieur Daron, an eighty-six-year-old-man, comes to live at the new spa in Rondelis. He believes himself to be in excellent health, as a result of "careful living." He has always had "an obsessive fear of death," and he avoids all pleasure because it may be dangerous.

In order to measure and monitor his own condition, M. Daron arranges for the doctor in charge of the springs to visit him once a week with information on the health of everyone else in the surrounding area who is over the age of eighty. When he hears that someone has died, he quickly identifies a cause that might have been avoided; the
man who died of pleurisy should not have gone out in the cold, and the one who died of dysentery must have eaten the wrong food.

Eventually, though, one old man dies for no apparent reason. The doctor can report no lesion, no disease: "He died because he died, that's all." M. Daron is horrified and asks the man's age. Eighty-nine. He laughs in relief, saying, "whatever it was, it wasn't old age . . . ."

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To be an effective communicator, one must accurately predict and plan for how messages will be received - even by someone who speaks the same language. In this way, all communication is an act of translation.
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